Rob Hanson

Speaker: Rob Hanson
Position: Senior Research Consultant
Affiliation: Data61 CSIRO

Rob Hanson is a senior research consultant at Data61 | CSIRO who supports decision makers in dealing with uncertainty, especially emerging risk and policy implications. He is certified and experienced in identifying and articulating risk. He uses Governance, Risk, Foresight and Strategy to reveal blind‐spots and specialises in delivering actionable decision support products and services that integrate into planning and operations. Rob is the lead author for both, ‘Distributed Ledgers, Scenarios for the Australian Economy in 2030. Rob’s PhD research explores how language influences positive impacts in decision making, and his professional research examines the impact, and relationship, of technology to social systems.
Rob been in the public sector since 1998, including Defence, Criminal Intelligence, and Emergency Management, in primarily risk management and strategic foresight roles. Rob currently volunteers his time on various Boards and Committees for the Association of Professional Futurists, and ISACA